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Kinderfield Simprug & Sekolah Permata Harapan Graduation Ceremony & Year End Performance

| Written by Squlio

Graduation day is a day full of joy, pride and accomplishment. Kinderfield Simprug & Sekolah Permata Harapan celebrated the graduation ceremony along with year end performance on June 07, 2018, in Gedung Wanita Patra Pertamina Simprug, South Jakarta. This ceremony commenced with the graduation for P6, KG-B, and Kiddy 2, then continued by students performance in musical drama “The sound of music”.

Kinderfield Simprug Graduation

This day will be cherished and remembered with mixed feeling by the teachers and parent who one proud of the way the children love coming to school and look forward to what they learn. Congratulation to the proud parent of the budding graduates who are now ready to step in to the arena of higher level education.