Gracious Preschool & Kindergarten
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Gracious Preschool & Kindergarten

Teach with love and care to watch them learn and grow into a responsible and high minded personal

Jalan K.H. Muhammad Mansyur No. 163A-165D/7, Tambora, Jakarta Barat 11270 (lihat map)
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Main Facilities

Outdoor Playground
Swimming Pool
A quality preschool education provides children with opportunities to build self-confidence, learn social skills and develop learning dispositions. These build a strong foundation for children’s preparation for primary school. For almost 7 years, Gracious Preschool & Kindergarten has been the first Preschool with Singapore curriculum at Jembatan 5. We have grown into one of most Respected Preschool since we opened our doors in 2010.

Gracious Preschool & Kindergarten always works with parents to achieve a second home environment for each child. We want to build a strong partnership with parents in order to bring out the very best in each child. We believe that all children, regardless of background, deserve a positive early childhood experience through quality care and education, which nurtures holistic development and builds a strong foundation by instilling a love for learning. We promote accessibility by master-planning the infrastructure and manpower resources.

Gracious Preschool & Kindergarten is set up with daily intensive English and Mandarin. The main key in our education is to teach with love and care, so that we can watch them learn and grow into a responsible personal and have high minded character.

Our Vision

To make our children disciples of intelligent, independent and high minded character, and provide a conducive learning environment.

Our Mission

  • To motivate our children with fun learning
  • To encourage children to be independent in daily life
  • To build the children being a personally responsible and high minded character
  • To provide an effective educational curriculum

Our Curriculum

I-Teach curriculum developed based on the principles outline in the N.E.L Framework developed by ECDA and MOE ( Ministry Of Educarion) Singapore.

  • Math Brilliant
  • Language Brilliant (English and Mandarin)
  • World Brilliant (Geography and Science)
  • Creative Brilliant (Art and Creative)
  • Body Brilliant  (Motoric Skill)
  • Social Brilliant (Emotion and Behaviour)
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Principal Ms. Merry

Head of Admission Ms. Kartika


Curriculum Method I-Teach Curriculum (Play, Learn, Grow)

School Terms 4 terms / year

Classes Pre Nursery (1,8-2 years old)
Nursery (2-3 years old)
Pre Kindergarten (3-4 years old)
Kindergarten 1 (4-5 years old)
Kindergarten 2 (5-6 years old)


  • Air Conditioner
  • CCTV
  • Indoor Playground
  • Library
  • Outdoor Playground
  • Parking Space
  • Practice Room
  • Swimming Pool
  • Visual Audio
  • Waiting Room

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